Day 23 – Wilderness to Home

This morning we woke up to rain.  This is the first rain we have experienced in 22 days of travel. The rest of the country is still waiting for their summer rains, and fire warnings abound. It’s good to be back in the Western Cape – like Heather said when we arrived at the Karoo National Park, “you know you’re back in the WC when you hear your first “Djzy”!”  The cold weather was welcome after the very warm interior and especially Kruger Park. We are looking forward to a comfortable night at home, then the next day we are off to Langebaan to visit with Heather’s dad for a week. Fortunately we will have all the comforts of home so it will be really comfortable with Erica.

This holiday was over so quickly. I can see how retired folk can go on permanent holiday. There is always something new to see and experience, and when your days are full time flies by but not without leaving you with warm memories of the experiences. A holiday like this is a good test of any relationship, and I’m pleased to say that we remain solid even when faced with the challenges of a sick 8 month old and being away from home. After Erica got better (about a week into our holiday) everything was just so easy. She is a  happy child with smiles for everybody, but when she is hurting she lets us know!

I look forward to taking Erica on safari when she is older. She may not remember much about this one, but nevertheless during close encounters with wildlife and other happy moments on this trip she has certainly grown in personality and intellect. It’s as much fun seeing Erica’s reaction to the wildlife.