Day 19 – Gariep Dam – Forever Resort

Next stop (after continuous roadworks) was the Gariep Dam, nice view, large accommodation and free laundry facility, and we got a discount of R270 because they promised us a unit on the water for R875 but were not able to deliver. Apparently none of the units are actually on the water, but we were not told this while Heather was booking. The MD came to see us personally in our rondawel which I appreciated.   Erica ate short spaghetti for the first time, mixed with some canned vegetables. Feeding her has been a battle lately but this time she polished off the entire bowl!
The beds at Gariep are comfortable and we had a good night’s rest. We probably did not need the full three bedroom accommodation but the extra space is great! Packed up by 9am and we hit the road heading for the Karoo National Park. Looking forward to some freshly killed karoo lamb!