Day 16 – Kruger to Phalaborwa

Woke up early to the sound of Hippo in the lake. It sounds like whales blowing spume with some guttural pig-like grunts thrown in. Could have been a scene from a hippo porno or maybe they were just cranky at breakfast time.  Before anything else, we grabbed the camera and raced back to the lion kill site.  We were not disappointed! The carcass had been stripped down to barely more than a ribcage but one female and four cubs had remained to pick it clean. They were busily about their breakfast and the cubs made a game of chasing off a lone vulture who kept sneaking in for quick stabs at the remains. I have some great photos of the mother lion chasing off the vulture.
Back to Mopani for a quick Pro-Nutro and baby feed, and then the laborious task of packing. You can’t leave much behind when there is a little person to cater for. It almost doubles the amount of baggage that you need.
We’re heading for the Phalaborwa Gate and then onto the Hans Merensky Reserve for two days of R&R.